South Lake Norman
PC Troubleshooting
Computer Troubleshooting
in the south Lake Norman area
since 1998

Over 1000 PCs serviced in Huntersville, Cornelius and Davidson

  • Virus & spyware detection/removal.

  • Protection installed (antivirus, antispyware and security updates).

  • Laptop Repairs. (keyboard and screen replacement)

  • Internet and Wireless connectivity.

  • Data Recovery.

  • PC Training.

  • For Sale: Desktop & Laptop PC’s - Pentium 4, Win XP, updated with protection.

My associates and I make house calls and will provide a loaner PC (if available) while your PC is under service for remediation.

Available on weekends.

Our home-based computer labs are set up with multiple PCs and repair tools to accomplish any jobs. We prefer to bring the PCs to our labs to do what is needed. We maintain a large supply of replacement parts.

Donald “Zonny” Jerrems

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