Lookout Point HomeownersAssociation

on the shore of Lake Norman, Huntersville, NC

2001 Meeting

We had a pleasant business meeting at the swim/tennis facility on Sunday afternoon. More than 20 families were in attendance. For those of you who missed the meeting here is a brief recap of the highlights, as I remember it:

  • The new by-laws passed by the community in 1999 are considered operative. Pat Baker will get copies to those who request them during the meeting.

  • The FYE  financial statements as of June 30 2001 were presented. They appeared to be in good order.

  • There was  discussion regarding the next community "light work day" in order to spread pine straw and other small projects.

  • It is difficult to get repair people to fix things (such as the lights at the entrance) because the jobs are so small and not considered worthwhile use of their time. 

  • The electrical system for the lights could not be repaired for a reasonable cost as previously announced. The fixtures were replacd with concrete pineapples donated by the Hughes family.

  • The swimming pool and the tennis courts (pressure cleaning) may need some maintenance. They are recognized as being an important asset to the community and for attracting new residents.

  • Susan Hambright and her family  was recognized for having attended swimming pool maintenance certification classes on behalf of the community at her expense and for having performed pool upkeep during the summer.

  • Chronic speeders on our streets will be identified and approached privately by concerned community residents.

  • E-mail addresses were collected from the attendees. About half of the community is now on this mailing list. If you wish you e-address to be deleted, let me know.

  • Afterwards the business, there was a lot of food eaten during the picnic.

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