Lookout Point HomeownersAssociation

on the shore of Lake Norman, Huntersville, NC

This e-mail includes the Annual Meeting Notes held on September 21, 2003 submitted by Eleanor Trainor, Secretary, and an Update by Bob Doran.

There were about 20 households in attendance at the annual meeting. Here is a summary for those who didn't make it.

Annual Meeting Notes - Part 1
Boyce Wilson welcomed everyone and stated that his term as President of the Board was over and Robert Doran is the incoming President.

Boyce reviewed the improvements of the past year: pool, pool cover, new tennis net, cleaned tennis courts, landscaping, and lights.

Bob Yount wondered if the entry light will be fixed. Carolyn Wilson stated that it had been fixed twice. Boyce Wilson stated that the light has been vandalized.

Ute Yount asked who was in charge of maintenance and the answer given by several people present was "all of us".

Ute Yount asked about Richard Agee's lawn. Agee now has his own contract with Certified to mow his lawn. U. Yount wanted to know if Certified reduced the cost of our contract as there is less square footage to mow and the answer was that Certified did not adjust our contract.

Ronnie Griffin thanked the Board and said the neighborhood looks the best it ever has.

Anne Griffin asked if people would begin notifying the Board of sick community members, as we have had many ill community members recently.

Annual Meeting Notes - Part 2
Bob Yount asked if we will present a budget to the members of the community for next year. Yount believes that it is "state law" for the Board to present the budget and for the members to ratify it. Budget has never been presented to the community at large and will be available upon request.

Ed Bost asked about streetlights. The Board has looked into it several times and there has never been overwhelming interest from the community to pursue it. Bost offered to have one in his own front lawn. It was stated that the cost per light is $225 and the town of Huntersville will pay the electricity bill once they are installed. Ute Yount believe us putting in street lights would prevent people in the neighborhood who aren't part of Lookout Point from putting their own lights in.

Debbie Williams asked about city sewer. Anne Griffin said that she had investigated it and it was at least two years out.

Annual Meeting Notes - Part 3
Bob Doran took over the meeting from this point on. Bob thanked all the Board members, and recognized Richard Agee and Don Jerrems for their roles in the community. Also recognized were Pat Baker for the "Neighborhood Watch" program, and Harry Schrader for his involvement with the Architectural Committee.

Doran asked community members to be more respectful of others' properties by keeping up their own properties.

Doran wants to play "Community Days" where people come to help with community projects. This would help avoid raising dues.

Doran opened discussion regarding tennis courts. The Board plans to refurbish the western tennis court and there will be a decision made as to the fate of the eastern court, which is more dilapidated that the western.

Upcoming projects to include: placing rip-rap where there is soil erosion along the community waterfront and pressure-washing and sealing the community dock.

Doran wishes to establish new committees to supplement the Board. Committees would be Pool Committee, Architectural Committee, and others.

Doran announced that there will be quarterly newsletters included with billing.

Bob Yount asked if we could vote on street lights at the meeting to establish interest. Pam Stanford asked who would decide where the streetlights are placed. Rich Gallaher proposed we educate the community on the issue before continuing. An informal vote showed overwhelming interest in looking into the issue, therefore Bob Yount was asked to look into the subject.

Meeting adjourned to picnic.

News from Board Meeting and an Update:
The Board has agreed to have the following committees and assigned responsibilities:
Pool/Tennis Courts - Bob Doran, President
Grounds - Boyce Wilson, Vice-President
Finances - Ann Griffin, Board Treasurer
Architectural - Rich Jacoby
Communications- Eleanor Trainor, Secretary

There is need to repair and reconstruct the area around the boat ramp, actually to the right of the boat ramp where the high waters experienced in the lake this Spring and Summer has caused extensive erosion. It looks like there is need for fill and rip-rap. At the same time, the wood dock needs to be power washed and sealant applied.

A few of the Bradford Pear trees need to be trimmed or removed because a few are beginning to lean toward the road and may be a danger as the winter months come. Boyce is working to come up with some estimates of what these projects will cost. Rich Gallaher has agreed to work with Boyce as these projects are reviewed.

The cost of re-doing the Tennis Court (s) is being investigated. Don Jerrems has agreed to help in this project and he will be contacting local vendors. The Board will review proposals and consider the cost, anybody interested in helping Don, please call Bob Doran.

The pool is in great shape with the pool service that started this past summer. The new cover is on the pool, and the Board has agreed to continue and as well, extend the pool service so that no member of the community will have to take on the responsibility of insuring the chemical balance of the water, etc. Jill Clark has agreed to help oversee the condition of the pool but would like to have another member of the community to work with her. Please call Jill if you are interested.

As the community renovates and possibly builds "new" houses, the Architectural Committee will need to insure that the Look Out Point covenants are adhered to. Rich Jacoby will head up the Architectural Committee and Harry Schrader has agreed to lend his professional experience. Debbie Williams also has volunteered to assist.

Bob Yount is working on the street light proposal, as was discussed at the Annual Meeting. And as soon as Bob completes the proposal, the Board will review and circulate to the community for any questions or concerns before it is put up for a vote.

The present budget and tally of expenses has been circulated to the community either at the Annual meeting or for those who were not in attendance, enclosed in the updated Look Out Point Phone Book (Ann did a super job putting that together for everyone's convenience).

It looks like the expenses will come in at budget, but with the ice storm of 2002, who knows!

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