Lookout Point HomeownersAssociation

on the shore of Lake Norman, Huntersville, NC

Sketchy Notes from Annual Meeting

Pretty good turnout, as follows: the Dorans, Rich Jacoby, the Griffins, Bruce Andersen, the Bishops, Chris Holcombe, Lynn Hughes, the Younts, C.D. Ozborne, Ellen Sondee, Mock Family, Dick Clark, Agees, Mike Chreitzberg, Don Jerrems, plus a few latecomers.

Issues Discussed Lead by Outgoing President, Bob Doran

=== 2005 Achievements were highlighted (Blythe Landing proposal, tennis court resurfacing, grounds maintenance, speed signage, pothole repair, more)

=== Pool Maintenance for 2006. Contract with current provider is up for renewal. Sherry Mock has volunteered to provide committee oversite. (round of applause for Sherry). There are several capital expenditures needed to ensure the pool is up to code.

=== Chris Holcombe brought up the need for the community to consider County (CMUD) sewer hookups in lieu of septic tanks. Much more on this at a later date.

=== The vacant house and yard at 16211 Weather Way is considered in disrepair. Kindly neighbors have been maintaining the yard. After much discussion and subsequent inspection after the meeting, it was agreed that a letter should be sent to the City of Huntersville for possible citation.

=== The 2005 financial statements, 2006 budget and fiscal year were discussed.

=== A “Wish List” for the Lookout Point Community improvements is being considered.

I probably missed a few items, so accept my faulty note taking and memory lapses.
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