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 Lookout Point 
Homeowners Association

on the shore of Lake Norman


The pool opens for the summer. The hours will be from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. We have a few "pool rules" that need to be followed for the safety of all of us. Please inform any guests who may be using the pool of these rules.

Do not swim alone. No glass of any kind in the pool area. No pets. No diving! Push chairs back along the fence before you leave.

Since we do not have a lifeguard, the minimum age to swim without parental supervision is 13. Regardless of age, parents should determine if their child is responsible enough to swim without them even if they are 13 or older. If we find that there are pool infractions caused by teenagers, then this minimum age will be subject to immediate change. If you have guests using our pool, it is your responsibility to inform then of our rules and you will be held responsible for their actions. Any teenage guests must have parental supervision.

To open the pool gate and outside restroom, please see below. This security lock automatically locks when the door or gate is closed.

The Board of Health requires every pool to have a phone on the premises. A cell phone is located in the restroom adjacent to the pool. Only 911 calls can be made from this phone.

Annual Meeting on September, 2005 Summary of our meeting
Annual Meeting on September, 2004

Webmaster did not get a  recap of this meeting's discussion.

Annual Meeting on September, 2003 Summary of our meeting
Annual Meeting on September, 2002 Summary of our meeting
Annual Meeting on September, 2001 Summary of our meeting
Board  of Directors - Elected September 2005
Chris Holcombe, President 875.0173

 Ann Griffin, Treasurer

C.D. Osborne, Secretary 704.948.6329

Rich Gallaher Vice Preesident


Debbie Williams

Community Committees - pen to your participation

Community Concerns

Pool and Tennis Courts  

Architectural and Grounds Committees

We will reserve space for the minutes of the committee meetings in the future.
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Neat Local Web Sites to Visit on the Internet
Http://www.SurftheLake.com This site, which is sponsored by Lake Norman magazine, has all the happenings around our lake.
http://www.huntersville.org/  This is a good place to contact our Mayor and City Commissioners via e-mail.
Raptor Center on Beatties Ford Road  www.birdsofprey.org 
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