What are the Benefits of an On-Line Survey?

  1. The survey will be similar in content to previous surveys, except it will be on-line and not paper-based. By offering it on-line, the cost of paper, postage, handling and tabulating the results will be minimized (except for those who do not want to use the on-line convenience).

  2. This proposal assumes there will be significant acceptance of an on-line survey by the respondents. The club/community web site would be the starting point for conducting the survey. Since over 70% of the community are on-line users, we easily reach the majority of the membership

  3. There would be no mailing except for those who do not have on-line capabilities; however, a printed copy can be mailed upon request. It would also be technically feasible to make a computer available within the club/community for those who wish to take the survey by that means.

  4. All responses will be treated as confidential material.

  5. Entry to the survey pages will be restricted with password protection.

How does it work?

  1. The survey questionnaire will be divided into major categories of services offered by the club. The board, club management and department heads will customize the draft of the questionnaire. It will be readily available for on-line testing by the Board and a Focus Group before release to the general club/community.

  2. The respondents will launch to the web site, key in the password and select the category.

  3. Responses are made by clicking on "radio buttons." The response categories range from "Very satisfied" to "Very dissatisfied." Some questions require "yes" or "no" responses. Others call for a frequency response such as "less than or more than" times per month. There is also space for plain language comments.

  4. When the respondent clicks the submit button, the coded information is sent over the Internet into a database with all answer fields tabulated into meaningful form for later analysis.

How Do you Tabulate Information?

  1. The user will have to complete a profile before beginning the questionnaire. Profile information will include type of membership, age, gender, years of membership, children, location of residence, frequency of club usage, etc. This information will assist us in matching the demographics with the results.

  2. Fifty per-cent participation will be considered successful whether the survey is conducted on-line or on paper. Promoting the importance of participation will be helpful.

  3. It may be practical to identify the questionnaires with club/community numbers to ensure integrity of responses.

  4. Not all sections of the survey have to be conducted at the same time. 

Compensation and Reporting

  1. This project will be made under contract. The developer will be compensated for time at an  hourly rate or other means as determined.  Report writing is extra.

  2. I recommend that a subcommittee be formed to analyze the tabulated results by section and write a report, which will be submitted to the Board. The subcommittee would include someone from the club/community.

  3. My primary contacts for guidance and consulting will be the General Manager and/or the Board.

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